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About us

City Animalz are a series of stylised animal characters created by Visual-Digital Artist 'TKLS'.  

Some have travelled a long way to reach the city of Bristopia, having heard of its reputation for music, creativity and opportunity, whilst others were born and raised here.

In a world where a dark force known as 'Dystopia' rages stronger than ever, Bristopia is a city where resistance is buoyant and strong.  Here a community is striving against all the odds to build a true 'Utopia' where they can co-exist with their environment in peace and harmony.

Drawn together by their alternative way of thinking, their big, bold, rebellious attitudes, love of underground music and street culture, the City Animalz invite you to join them in their adventures and hope to capture your imagination in their own original way.

Catch up with what they have been up to via the blog and check out their limited edition artwork and other merchandise, now available in the shop.