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Totem Jewellery

Inspired by cultural ancestors from around the world, fractal patterns found in nature and the traditional use of natural materials in jewellery craft.  Each pair of these wooden, laser cut earrings are detailed with a unique, reflective totem animal print.

Hand-printed using patterns created from "Blueberry Bear" / "808 Penguin" / "Totem Tiger" the techniques used to create these earrings give each individual pair its own unique detail.  Created using FSC certified wood to increase sustainability and super light weight to wear.

Please note as each pair of earrings differs in pattern, your pair may vary from those featured in the photographs, however all detail a variation of the print colours shown.  If you are local to Bristol (UK) or visiting you can come see us to choose your pair.  We are located in our regular pop up spot on Corn Street, just outside the main entrance to St.Nicks market, most Fridays and Saturdays.