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Totem Jewellery

Inspired by our ancestors and the traditional use of natural materials in jewellery craft, we have developed a unique way of printing reflective foil onto a prepared wooden surface to make this range of unique animal totem earrings.

Creating repeat patterns from the orginal "Blueberry Bear", "808 Penguin" and "Totem Tiger" prints, gives these earrings an animal print like no other.  Each individual pair is laser cut from the repeat, meaning no two pairs are the same, reflecting the fractal self similar repeating patterns seen in nature.  Please note this means your pair may vary from those featured in the photographs.

Each pair of earrings is hand finished back and front.  The use of wood gives them a unique texture and makes them light weight to wear.  Now you can carry the power of Bear, Penguin or Tiger with you should you wish, through the joy of self decoration.